Hi, I’m Gabriella

Most of my friends call me Gaby or Gabs! Since we are friends now, you can call me Gaby too. I am 27 and I just moved to Los Angeles, CA from Houston, TX. I have a huge, wonderful, supportive family. My own little family includes my boyfriend Michael and our puppies, Luna and Chico. I have some of the most loyal friends a girl could ask for. I am all around truly blessed.

I love life so much. I love singing in the car with the windows rolled down. I love dancing like nobody is watching. I love exploring places I have never been before. The thing I love most though, is good food. I love cooking it and I love eating it. I want to have a place that I can share not only pieces of my life, but pieces of my heart through my experiences with food.

I also have another part of me that I feel like I need to share as well, and that is my heart story. I have been through quite a bit and sharing my story helps me, but I also think it can show someone else that there is a way through tough things.

This whole site is a pouring out of my heart so I hope you look around and enjoy! If you have any questions, you can always contact me through the contact form and by commenting! I love to see both.


  1. How many heart transplants have you had? Two! I am currently waiting for my third.
  2. Can you travel? Yes and no. I love to travel and I do when I can, but I am not able to all the time. Instead Michael and I enjoy exploring the city to find new things to do right where we live!
  3. Are you a trained chef? No, not yet. But I plan to become a chef soon! Culinary school is in the works as we speak!
  4. Why did you move to Los Angeles? I moved to be closer to my new transplant center! Cedars-Sinai is a fantastic heart program and I am so excited to be here!
  5. Do you come up with the recipes yourself? I like to do my research on ingredients and techniques. I get inspiration from other recipes but strive to find ways to always make them my own.